Cierra F's Modeling Presents

A Colorado First of it's Kind, Planes and Cars Photoshoot

In partnership with some of Colorado's greatest and most talented modeling industry professionals, Cierra F's Modeling is bringing together talent from across the state for a first of it's kind planes and cars photoshoot.

This shoot is by invitation only, and the location for the shoot will not be made known until AFTER the event. The participants who were selected were all sworn to silence prior to being given details of their call times and location.

Hosted and Presented by:
Cierra F's Modeling

Allen Prince Baskaran (Owner and Founder): TiO2Edits
Frank LeBoeuf (Owner): Models of Colorado Magazine
Mark Weitz (Owner and Pricipal): Elegance Imaging
Chris Aerhold: ArcLight Photography
Adam Stevermer
Cierra F's Modeling
Jane Clementine
Kytriena Jenalle Payseno
Meghan Bailey
Matt Lohner
Marketing Consultant:
Rome Vibe: Throvish

Cierra F's Modeling would like to give a special thank you to the vehicle and plane owners for allowing us the awesome opportunity to make this shoot happen. Thank you to SK Custom Clothing for designing the gowns and dresses for parts of this shoot. Thank you to the social media team and others who will be helping to ensure that this shoot is a marketing success. Thank you to the many fans of Cierra F's Modeling who have provided help in various ways making this shoot and future shoots happen. Your participation has not gone unnoticed.

Remember, Every Body Is Beautiful and that means YOU!


Cierra F.

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