BIO: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Editor: Publication: Laylonna Hurley: Ωmega Fashion Magazine

Ωmega Fashion Magazine
By the industry, for the industry in the industry! Ωmega Fashion Magazine will celebrate fashion-forward trends focusing on designers, models, H&MUA and Photographers. 
Our staff takes great pride and will work hard to display your company in creative campaigns on every social media available. Your work will be published in our pages with Pride. 
ΩFM is based to help models/photographers/MUHA/Designers/Writers/Artist a venue to network, create and collaborate, within the pages of ΩFM you'll find high editorial fashion ranging from posing, runway shows, designers collections, photography and stories. 
I [Laylonna Hurley] also publish Embrace Beauty Productions. Embrace Beauty Productions creates and promotes campaign editorials, designers, brands, runway shows and events. From Broadcasting the news to publishing images watch our YouTube Channel for Live Feeds.

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