ADVICE: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Why Avoid Hashtag SPAMming, Quality Over Quantity Matters

Model: Cierra F's Modeling
Photo: Allen Baskaran (TiO2Edits)
Hair: Andi -Techniques Hair Shop
Manager: Joseph A. Camp
Why You Shouldn't Hashtag SPAM?

Quality Over Quantity Matters!

Have you been strolling through your Instagram Newsfeed and seen a caption for an image, that has about 50 hashtags that doesn't relate in any way to the image?

We have all seen it. It's called "hashtag SPAMming" and it is completely unprofessional.

Instagram has introduced a feature whereas people can start "following" hashtags. When a hashtag is followed -i.e. "#rainbows" the person who is following that hashtag would expect topics and content that relates to "rainbows". With hashtag SPAMming however, people, in search of a couple of "likes" will insert a picture of themselves, with no content in the image that connects to "rainbows" into the hashtag with this SPAMmy behavior. Because of this new feature ability to follow hashtags, Instagram also introduced a reporting feature for unrelated content on the followed hashtag.

Here Is Why It Hurts You

Hashtag SPAMming Example
Screenshot by: Joseph A Camp
First, you might gain a few likes in the short term by SPAMming hashtags, you will see your engagement fall in the long term. If you have 1,500 Instagram followers, but only about 30-50 likes per image on average, your engagement isn't doing well. When your engagement drops, and you have several reported SPAMy hashtag tickets with Instagram, you start to lose their priority in placement. Making the person with less than 100 followers but a 45-50% engagement a way more valuable account to Instagram.

Assuming that you are an aspiring model. You want to model for brands like sodas or food, or in a movie, or commercial. You take a couple of photographs at a laundry mat with a product -who didn't endorse you- and then post the resulting images with a hashtag SPAM paragraph as a caption. Do you think that 1) the brand you just gave free publicity to will want to work with you after you just shamelessly used their product to SPAM a bunch of hashtags for a couple of Instagram likes? 2) Do you think you would ever get product endorsement from that brand's competitors?

Cierra F's Modeling's Instagram account as less than 100 followers as of the time of this writing, but quality wise Instagram has already invited us to features that are usually reserved for Blue Verified Badge Accounts only. @CierraFsModeling (Facebook and Instagram) now has Branded Content, Shop and Seller Permission, and Influencer style account features, including partitioned inbox, new insight tools, and high internal Search Engine Optimization ratings.

As a model, you are a representative of the product that you are modeling. If you were trying to sell a product online, would you want to add that same list of hashtags to your classified listing?

Social Media is not just a place to put a couple of pictures if you are trying to brand yourself or use it as a portfolio. There is an art to it. Understanding that art will make you stand out, even if you have only 100 followers, but 50% engagement.

Remember, quality means more than quantity in the Social Media world.


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