EVENT: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Hot Import Nights, Denver 2019

Model: Cierra F's Modeling
Photo: Alex Boccadoro
Vehicle Owner: GTRACCT
Manager: Joseph A. Camp
Hot Import Nights, Denver 2019

Cierra F's Modeling's CEO Ceirra F. was in attendance and competing at the 2019 Hot Import Nights, Denver.

A Word From Cierra F.

My experience at Hot Import Nights, Denver 2019 was like nothing I have experienced before. I have been to car shows before, but this one was definitely one to remember. 
As my first modeling competition, I was terrified. However, with the love of my life by my side I conquered to the final round. Although I did not win, which is perfectly okay, I had an amazing time. 
The other models were tall and beautiful, while I was short and quirky. I still felt like I was flying from start to end. The other models were so incredibly nice to me and made me feel extremely welcomed. They were so fun to be around. 
The cars were the most stunning aspect of the night, and the Turtle Wax reveal had me head over heels.
~Cierra F's Modeling's, Cierra F.

The Come Up

Although she didn't win the title of Miss. Hot Import Nights, Denver 2019, Cierra F. did make it through all 3 rounds of the competition, and had a great time doing so. "Throughout the night I met some awesome car owners whom I hope to work with in the future for upcoming shoots." she said of her experience.

I was able to grow my portfolio with some really nice images of some extremely nice vehicles. 

This was definitely an event worth attending, and competing in, and a night not soon forgotten.

About Miss Hot Import Nights Competition

Each of the three rounds required a wardrobe change and complete overhaul in personality and makeup.

Round One: Personality

For Round One, Cierra F. wore her own designs. A black and white tie-dyed midriff top, and a pair of white tight pants.

Round Two: Athletic

For Round Two, Cierra F. wore a checkered top provided by Arielle Collins, and black tight pants. No brand logo's or names with these images.

Round Three: A Night Out

For Round Three, Cierra F. wore S and K Custom Clothing, Designed by Shawn Schram. Designer Shawn Schram has been a friend to Cierra F. since the first photoshoot Cierra F. in which Cierra F. also wore S and K Custom Clothing, while being photographed by Shawn's brother Duck Schram.

The Take Away

Cierra F's Modeling will be working with multiple vehicle owners during the summer for additional shoots. The networking that was made possible by this event was worth the fear that was over come as a result of Cierra F. having the courage to get on stage and compete as a non-traditional competition model.

"I want everyone to know that they are beautiful and can do anything they want after they get over the initial fears that come with trying something new."

We couldn't agree more. Follow Cierra F's Modeling on Instagram.



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