ADVICE: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Why Crediting Matters, It Takes A Team

Model: Cierra F's Modeling
Photo: Duck Schram
Dress Designer: Shawn Schram
of SK Custom Clothing

Manager: Joseph A. Camp
Why Crediting Matters?
It takes a Team!

In the early stages of an aspiring model's career, the model will need to work with various individuals for each shoot. In almost all instances in the early stages of the model's career, the various team participants will likely be working with the model without compensation.

When a model is working with a photographer, hair and makeup artists, support team, prop providers, and other behind the scenes folks who are necessary to ensure the shoot is done correctly, the people donating their services or items and time (called "time for prints" in industry-speak), are often trying to make a name for themselves, and they are hopeful that association with the model will boost their brand and image.

The association and teamwork provided gratis in the early stages is a mutual exchange of services. The model hopes that the photographer, and support providers, represent them in high quality, professional manner; in exchange, the photographer, and support providers should be given the same high quality, professional representation of them.

It isn't enough to just "dark" tag (not linked, but just a mention) the participants on social media. Nor is it enough to link tag a single image out of numerous images, and expect that the first tag should be a representation of all the images posted at the same time.

Professionally crediting each image also helps to establish legally, the right to use the image in fair use. So long as the image is not altered, and is credited, and not for commercial gain, it can be used in "fair use" exception to the copyright laws. This means that you cannot alter, edit, add post-production watermarks unapproved by the photographer or otherwise use for fiduciary gain.

When using an image in non-electronic form, the photograph should be labeled on the bottom right-hand corner with the credit to the photographer.

Why not credit all participants that made the shoot happen? After all, it takes a team.


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