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Cierra F's Modeling Presents: Zombies 2019

Cierra F's Modeling and Team Presents:
Zombie Crawl Photo Flash Mob

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CIERRA F's MODELING: Registration and Interests Form
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BIO: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Hair and Makeup Artist: Kizzi Bear

We love our pick for Hair and Makeup Artist -the wonderful full-time mother, acurrent enforcement personnel and recently retired millwright Kizzi Bear. She is Reservation born and raised (Yurok Tribe) and is a recent graduate of Cross Purpose Career and Personal Development Program in Denver, Colorado (#LiveDifferent). Kizzi Bear is family to the Cierra F's Modeling team, and we love her to pieces.  Extremely honored to have her on the team.
Check out her Facebook.

BIO: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Editor: Publication: Laylonna Hurley: Ωmega Fashion Magazine

By the industry, for the industry in the industry! Ωmega Fashion Magazine will celebrate fashion-forward trends focusing on designers, models, H&MUA and Photographers.  Our staff takes great pride and will work hard to display your company in creative campaigns on every social media available. Your work will be published in our pages with Pride.  ΩFM is based to help models/photographers/MUHA/Designers/Writers/Artist a venue to network, create and collaborate, within the pages of ΩFM you'll find high editorial fashion ranging from posing, runway shows, designers collections, photography and stories.  I [Laylonna Hurley] also publish Embrace Beauty Productions. Embrace Beauty Productions creates and promotes campaign editorials, designers, brands, runway shows and events. From Broadcasting the news to publishing images watch our YouTube Channel for Live Feeds.

Make sure to follow check out all of Laylonna Hurley's endeavors on her Facebook.

BIO: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Model: Kytriena Jenalle Payseno

I am an accomplished actress, model, producer, singer, teacher, and operation manager. I enjoy snowboarding, reading, designing and creating meaningful performing art. You can find me on local stages singing, dancing, and acting. I currently have 3 movies in post production that have a release projected date of Summer 2020.
Kytriena can be booked through her agent: Shavonda Williams of the Shautiel Lindsey Talent Agency.
Follow Kyriena Jenalle Payseno on Instagram to support her many endeavors and check out her resume on her site.

BIO: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Online Marketing Consultant: Rome Vibe: Throvish

Rome Vibe is participating in Cierra 's Modeling Presents: Planes and Cars Photoshoot as an Online Marketing Consultant. His tribe Throvish is a welcomed partner for Cierra F's Modeling Presents: Planes and Cars Photoshoot. The shoot literally couldn't have happened without everyone, but there are many aspects that Rome was able to help with that generally wouldn't be public. Rome and Cierra F's Modeling partnered to create logo'd SWAG for the models of this shoot. Check out his personal, freelance photographer and credit/marketing Instagrams.

BIO: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Behind the Scenes: Matt Lohner

Matt Lohner brings with him a smile and great personality and  a willingness to lend a hand Behind the Scenes (BTS). Fun fact about Matt Lohner: He is a legitimate Vice Presidential Candidate for the Office of President of the United States of America. His running mate is Joseph A. Camp. This legitimate, (albeit satirical) campaign has been featured in OpenSecrets and other publications. Matt Lohner is a valuable asset to the Cierra F's Modeling Presents: Planes and Cars Photoshoot. Without someone who will help with the Behind the Scenes Support that is needed for any large shoot, we would all be running around like mad.
We can't say enough good about Matt Lohner. Follow him on Instagram.

BIO: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Model: Meghan Bailey

My name is Meghan Bailey. I am 20 years old. I've lived in Colorado most of my life. I love being outdoors and exploring nature! I'm a student at University of Colorado -Denver where I'm studying to get my psychology degree before pursuing nursing. I'm new to the community of modeling but I am super excited about all the people I get to work with and all the amazing experiences I'm gaining from it! You will not be disappointed if you checked out and followed Meghan Bailey's Instagram.

BIO: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Videographer: Adam Stevermer

My experience making online video content dates back to the earliest video capable DSLR cameras. Ever since, I've been seeking new and exciting visuals to record. I believe storytelling is the best for all great content, so everything I capture is with this in mind. I combine this with great videography skill to bring amazing stories to life.
Connect with Adam Stevermer on Instagram or contact him via email at: Or simply reach out by phone at: 720.263.2232.

BIO: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Photographer: Chris Aderhold: ArcLight Photography

Hello,My name is Chris Aderhold, and I am the owner (and sole employee) of Arclight Photography.I've lived in the Denver area most of my adult life.I have been a photographer for years, but more recently have delved deep into portrait work.I absolutely love creating art through my lens, and finding ways to help a model to reveal and express her inner (and outer) beauty and personality through my portraits.I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the collaborations with the wonderfully talented people that I have worked with so far, and I look forward to solidifying those relationships, and making new ones with friends and collaborators moving forward in the years ahead.

Find Chris Aderhold on Facebook and Instagram and check out his Model Mayhem page as well. You wont be disappointed that you did.

BIO: CIERRA F'S MODELING: Model: Jane Clementine

Greetings!  My name is Jane Clementine. I've been modeling for almost 2 years now. I am a body modification and tattoo enthusiast. I love animals. I have many pets of my own and I work at a veterinarian hospital.
I am from Colorado. I love living here but hope to live other places and travel in the future.
I've always been really interested in Quantum Phystics and Biological Sciences as well  ~Jane Clemetine. Find Jane Clemetine on Facebook and Instagram.


Cierra F's Modeling Presents
A Colorado First of it's Kind, Planes and Cars Photoshoot

In partnership with some of Colorado's greatest and most talented modeling industry professionals, Cierra F's Modeling is bringing together talent from across the state for a first of it's kind planes and cars photoshoot.
This shoot is by invitation only, and the location for the shoot will not be made known until AFTER the event. The participants who were selected were all sworn to silence prior to being given details of their call times and location.
Hosted and Presented by:
Videographer: Models:

BEHIND THE SCENES: Cierra F's Modeling: A Casual Photo Shoot With DTM Photography's Dan Ampudia


Cierra F's Modeling was honored to have the opportunity to work aside Dan Ampudia of DTM Photography.
We decided on a casual park shoot were Cierra F. could let her hair down and do a relaxed shoot without much fuss.
During the shoot, for the first time for everyone involved, a series of images with smoke grenades were experimented with. The first one, red, went well. The resulting images are amazing. After the success of the red smoke, we decided to do a second series with blue.
Having never used smoke grenades in a shoot before, Cierra F's Manager, Joseph A. Camp, pulled the pin on the blue one, and powder ignited his hands. Slight burns but all in all no injuries. The resulting images from the blue grenades were also amazing. That is a testament to all parties, and DTM Photography who steadfast captured the images as Joseph A. Camp murmured about the burns -without dropping the grenade.
In total, this shoot was a lot of …